2017 brings with it M&S Centerless Grinding’s 60th Anniversary.  M&S would not have this opportunity to celebrate if it was not for the loyalty of our customers, so throughout this year, we would like to spotlight a few of those that have made our 60th anniversary celebration possible.  In this newsletter we are spotlighting J. M. Schmidt Precision Tool Company, Inc.  of West Chester, PA.  

J. M. Schmidt Precision Tool Company performs custom machining, OD/ID  and surface grinding and CNC turning and milling on both Pre and Post Nitrided parts.  Their customers are primarily in the Power Generation  and Petro Chemical industries.  

The company started in James Schmidt’s house,  and moved to their current location in West Chester in 1959.   The company was doing well as a precision machine shop and Jim, who was an avid flyer,  purchased a plane, a Beechcraft King Air that year. However, tragedy struck when the plane went down during a flying lesson  and Jim was killed. Enter the Harple family. Robert Harple Sr, a key employee of JM Schmidt,  and a few of his other colleagues stepped in to run the company with Jim’s widow Ida. The business continued to run well through this tragic loss, and Ida eventually decided to sell to Bob Sr. and his partners – John Beeler and Henry Kelly - a few years later. After 20 years of successfully running the company together, Bob Sr. purchased John and Henry’s interest,  and brought in the next generation of the Harple family - Bob Harple Jr and Barbara Harple to run the company.  Bob and Barbara have been running this successful precision machine shop ever since.  

Though he doesn’t know exactly when JM Schmidt began working with M&S Grinding, Bob does remember from his very early days at the company his Dad saying “let’s get Meron Shegda on the phone and see just how we are going to handle this”.  It has been a tight relationship as long as he can remember.  Bob and Barbara view M&S as an extension of their company – M&S allows J. M. Schmidt to pursue  business they would otherwise not be able to get.  There is implicit trust – once he sends the work out, he does not worry at all. Quality and pricing are always on target, year after year.  In fact, The relationship is so strong that at one point Bob made a tough decision to bring centerless grinding capability in-house in order to better control cost on a large project. He felt obligated to call John Shegda to let him know.  John not only understood Bob’s decision, but offered to let Bob send his grinder over to M&S for training  if needed.  It is by fostering these kinds relationships that J. M. Schmidt Precision Tool and M&S Centerless Grinding have been able to navigate through good times, and bad, to ensure continued success for both companies. Feel free to contact either Robert N. Harple, President & CEO at rharple@precisiontoolco.com, or Barbara Harple Kurkjian, Vice President & CFO, at bkurkjian@precisiontoolco.com  

 What a great example of one of our Core Values in action!.....

Foster Relationships - All relationships - those with your loved ones, your fellow employees, customers, vendors and even the company itself are ALL based on mutual communication and respect. This does not just happen. Respect must be earned, and communication must be clear, honest and intentional. Tend to, care for, and cultivate all of the relationships in your life. This is your biggest opportunity to have the impact that you want in your world.