KVInc. has been a long and valued customer of M&S Centerless Grinding.  It is not hard to see why, as the two companies share many similarities.  

Karl Wilhelm was 14 when he started an apprenticeship program in his homeland of Germany.  By the time he was 19, he joined many others at that time, emigrating to the United States for a piece of the American dream.  In 1977, at 40 years of age, Karl decided to leave his job as a Tooling Machinist to start his own company with Vince Spadafora.  At first KVInc. focused primarily  on Machining and Surface Grinding for the medical and commercial markets, but their reputation and capabilities grew through the years.  By early 2000 KVI added  full service Swiss Turning to their EDM, Jig Grinding and high-end turning and milling capabilities that they already had under-roof. 

Located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, KVInc now provides  ultra precision machined parts and tools for the Medical, Aerospace, Electronics and Oil and Gas industries worldwide while listing core competencies in: Tooling & Prototyping, Mill-Turn & Swiss, Wire & RAM EDM, and Production, 4&5 Axis Turning.  KVI prides itself as being the “go-to” source for their customers’ complex  projects with their ability to provide high level engineering and machining solutions.  Always on the cutting edge, the company  is able to run 24 hours with only 12 hours manned machine time – allowing them to better control costs and deliveries for their clients. Always focused on continuous improvement, KVInc is eyeing even greater automation goals that align with set company metrics. 

Eric, Karl’s son, is now the second generation President of KVInc and is adamant that the employees are what make the difference for them over their competition.  KVI dedicates 3% of their gross income to training their employees, and when new positions become available they are careful to select candidates who are similar in character to their current staff.  Their firm belief is that hiring good people, who adhere to the company culture, promotes an environment where all  can come together for the greater good of the Customer, and the Company.  

There was always a culture of strong values  at KVI, but in 2005 they started to become deliberate about it -  writing them down, and calling them their “ Keys”.  Over the next few years the “Keys” evolved into their “Keys to Success” (Similar to what M&S  refer to as our Values).  Every decision the company makes, and how it operates, are founded on these core principles.  KVInc   found that a focus on Keys like Contribute to the Team, and Continuous Improvements and Productivity was important in delivering the proper message to employees, and they have even added behaviors to further point out what is expected of the team; for example listed under Contribute to the Team there is Speak Up, When we see something wrong, we own it and do something about it.  The foundation that this provides ensures that this very important element to KVInc’s success over the past 40 years will continue to be a strong theme in the company for many years to come.

KVInc firmly believes that you work with people that you want to do business with.  Karl started doing business with Meron of M&S in the 1980s, and a relationship soon developed that was built on mutual respect, comradery, and looking out for each other.  This relationship has carried over into the new generation of company leaders where there is still a great rapport, shared ideas, and visions.  This relationship exemplifies the M&S Value Communicate from the Heart – by having open honest communications,  KVI and M&S have formed a strong business partnership that has lasted several decades.