This month's company spotlight is on Reimel Machine, Inc. located in Willow Grove, PA and a customer of M&S Centerless Grinding since the beginning.  Reimel Machine has built its business around three simple words - Quality, Reliability, and Productivity. Unwavering focus on these crucial aspects of the day-to-day business needs in manufacturing has allowed the family business to flourish for almost 50 years! 

Like his father before him, William (Bill) Reimel began his career at the Budd Company in Philadelphia as a young machinist. It was a great place to start, but Bill knew that he was destined for more – he was industrious and wanted to learn, so he took an additional part time job as a machinist for a shop in New Jersey to speed his progress.  Bill learned the trade and socked his money away while working his two jobs. Once he earned enough money,  he took the leap and bought a machine which he kept in his parent’s detached garage / chicken coop.  Though he now had equipment, he continued to work his jobs until he felt he had enough experience  to strike out on his own. His time came in 1969 when he incorporated Reimel Machine with his wife Mary. 

By 1972 Bill had saved enough money to  purchase the land on which sat his parent’s fruit garden.  Bill’s vision was to make it the new home of Reimel Machine. Soon thereafter he was able to build a new 10,000 square foot building to replace the chickens and the garage.  He was fortunate to have two tenants share the space and support the expenses while he grew from a one man shop to the current workforce of 35 employees.  Reimel Machine currently occupies a total of three buildings, totaling 28,500 square feet on the original site in Willow Grove, PA and also has a division in Wilmington, Delaware. 

Bill still comes into work  everyday (except for golf days!) at the age of 80.  Reimel is truly a family affair,  with son’s Jeff and Jon running operations,  and sister Jessica  working in the office.  Bill started the business with a focus on precision turning, but has since grown to incorporate high-end milling, honing, grinding and wire EDM. Reimel serves the Aerospace, Textile, Military, Medical, Commercial, and Energy markets internationally. 

Reimel Machine believes in developing  partnerships with it’s vendors and customers. This has been at the core of their relationship with M&S Grinding extending back to when Bill first contacted Meron Shegda many years ago.  Jeff Reimel, Bill’s oldest son, mentioned that from the first order to the last with M&S, all have been handled with the same level of care, and high performance.  Through this mutual respect, M&S has earned Reimel’s business and trust through the years.  

This relationship like all that are successful,  is founded in deep respect -  one of our core values!... Have Respect  - For people, equipment and your surroundings. There cannot be success without respect – you will succeed as an employee, a manager, a spouse, a parent and as a person  by respecting those around you.