M&S Centerless Grinding has taken an active, if not a key role in our area’s manufacturing initiative.  We are fortunate to have organizations in our region that are passionate in moving our manufacturing base forward.  We are finding our success is in line with our region’s success as well as the general health of manufacturing on a whole.  There are a couple of organizations we are heavily involved with that deserve mentioning.

The Manufacturing Alliance of Bucks and Montgomery Counties was started four years by a group of owners of manufacturing companies to build a means for manufacturing leaders to network, learn about workforce initiatives to help build their talent pipeline, and gain ongoing information to address our daily business concerns.  The benefits we have found by being actively involved in the Manufacturing Alliance are:

  •                 Understanding services our manufacturing neighbors provide, sharing the services we provide                
  •                 Providing a louder unified voice to local government
  •                 Access to a database of vetted service providers
  •                 Sharing concerns and successes with the group and learning from their experiences as well

If you are interested in joining the Manufacturing Alliance of Bucks and Montgomery Counties which has no membership dues, nor charges for events, you can visit manufacturingalliancepa.com.  If you are interested in starting an alliance in your area and would like to talk about how to get started, let us know.

The NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association)  is a national organization that offers many benefits to it’s members.  In the Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chapter, the NTMA is made up of metalworking and precision machining companies and the businesses that support them.  This particular chapter has been very active in workforce development and creating an apprenticeship program that offers competency based training, provides funding sources, and relieves the administration duties usually tied to apprenticeships for manufacturers.   On a national scale the NTMA provides Manufacturing Advocacy, valuable discounts, and business development opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the NTMA you can find our more information and registration forms at ntma.org

These are examples of our region’s manufacturing organizations offerings.  We firmly believe to be successful we need to be involved in our manufacturing community, the two go hand in hand.  No matter what manufacturing association fits for you, it is most important that you get out and get involved!