The new year will bring some big changes for M&S Centerless Grinding! Over the last few years, we have seen an increased need for our grinding services. An area of particular growth has been in the Thrufeed Precision Centerless Grinding area. In an effort to meet our customer’s needs and expectations M&S has made the decision to expand.  We are just about doubling our physical capacity with the acquisition of 460 Oakdale Avenue located just across the street from our current facility. This new space will house our Thrufeed Precision Centerless Grinding – with a particular focus on bar grinding. We feel that expanding our material handling space, and advancing our capacity and capability in bar grinding will have significant value to our local customer base going into the future.

The time frame for this to be up and running is in early January, 2018. This move also provides room for growth in some other work centers including Multi-Axis CNC OD/ID Grinding, Ultra Precision Centerless Grinding, and CNC Centerless Grinding Solutions, helping us to address the increased delivery pressures that we all have experienced through the last few years.

We appreciate support from our customers, and M&S looks forward to making continuous improvements to address your cylindrical grinding needs