For those of you who may not know OUR story – M&S Centerless Grinding was founded by Meron Shegda in 1957. Meron had worked in the grinding department of Weidemann Machine Company from 1942-1957 running centerless, OD/ID, and surface grinders. He was efficient, and he was good – he quickly became a star in the company, but somewhere inside he knew he was going to be running his own company someday. He had seen a number of his co-workers at Weidemann start their own shops successfully. He thought that there was no reason that he could not do the same.

In 1957 the opportunity to strike out on his own finally presented itself. Meron had accumulated some equity in a home that he had been building during days while he worked 2nd shift for a few years, and took  the leap to leverage some of that equity to purchase a centerless grinder that he had seen come up for auction. He put the machine in the garage of the house, fired it up, and never looked back! M&S Grinding – which was comprised of only Meron for many years – became the “go to” grinding provider when you needed a job ground “right” in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area. He specialized in the difficult work, and established an exemplary reputation for his integrity and quality of work.

Over the years the company grew. Meron was so proud of his quality reputation that he found it difficult to delegate much of the grinding work. He had the occasional employee that fit with his high standard, but for the most part the grinding was performed by him. It was not until 1987 that the company began to really change course.

Meron’s son, John joined the company in that year. John was the 3rd full time employee at that time. He was young – fresh out of Penn State – and quietly ambitious. By around 1997,  the company had grown from three (3) to about 8-10 employees. John and brother Mark ran the company together, and they began to see significant opportunity being presented by a new thing called the internet. The boys made sure that the stellar reputation that their father had built was always maintained – they just wanted to expand upon it – and expand they did!

Now, in 2017, M&S Grinding and it’s spinoff sister company Meron Medical (yes – named after John’s dad) serve over 1700 customers in the Philadelphia area, and around the world! There are nearly 40 employees, and two manufacturing sites – with a new third site coming online in January 2018! The new site will largely be focused on centerless bar grinding – a specialty in which M&S always took selective projects, but never had the space to make a primary focus for growth. Now with 10,000 additional sq ft, the company has the space and the equipment to serve their customer base they way they have been accustomed over the years, and M&S can really do the bar grinding “right”! 

Through 60 years we have truly enjoyed the relationships that we have grown, and friendships that we have made with all of our customers. We can certainly say that we look forward to taking those relationships well into the future, as we plan to be around for another 60 years!!