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CNC Centerless

Solutions for the Biggest Challenges

We provide solutions for "problem" parts.  In fact, many long-standing customers initially found M&S Centerless Grinding - after a project had been declined by one of our competitors. These "problem" parts are generally small and intricate, and have some feature that poses a problem for traditional grinding processes.

Our clients appreciate that we're anything but traditional.

CNC Centerless Success

  • Medical - micro-sized parts for implants, extremely thin wall hypo-tubing
  • Aerospace - intricate valve spool applications
  • Injection Molding - miniature core pins
  • Fuel Injection - fuel injector needles
  • Bearing - thin wall, tight concentricity, ball tracks
  • Other High-Tech Industries - motor shafts, air bearing spindles, race engine parts

Unique Capabilities

  • Extremely intricate forms can be CNC dressed into the grinding wheel or interpolated by the wheel; tapers, radii, multiple diameters, etc.
  • CNC OD and CNC ID Grinding
  • Concentricity OD/OD or OD/ID to .00002" (.5 micron)
  • Super-thin (.001") wall thickness on OD/ID grinds without crushing the parts
  • Diameter tolerances to +/-.00005" (1.2 micron)
  • Diameter range: OD - .003" to 2.50", ID - .060" to 2"
  • Very small parts (OD’s) – small diameter and short overall length
  • Finishes to 2 Ra (.05 micron)
  • All materials – including glass, M2, Tungsten, Titanium, Nitinol, etc.

Small parts can cause big problems.  We make big problems go away.
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