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High precision cylindrical grinding is what we do - it’s all we do. Our grinding solutions include Multi-Axis CNC OD/ID, Swiss-type Centerless, CNC Centerless, and Ultra-Precision Centerless. Our Thrufeed grinding commonly utilizes materials such as plastic (HDPE, PEEK, Teflon, PVC), glass, Aluminum, and Titanium.

We are confident in our ability to produce grinding services with high-quality results on the most difficult applications—"We Guarantee It". The time and money that you have invested in precision parts prior to grinding is not lost on us. We will get it right, or we will make it right.

We Can Be Your "Local" Precision Grinder

  • Ship In & Out UPS-Red
  • Same Day Service on many jobs - often times arranging to ship the same
    day that we receive the material
  • Ability to ship within the US and Internationally

Multi-Axis CNC OD/ID

Tackling the Most Demanding Applications

Sub-micron tolerances for concentricity and runout can be achieved through our ability to grind multiple part features (OD's, ID's and faces) in one chucking. Diameters can be controlled to the same tolerances with in-process gauging.

Multi-Axis CNC OD/ID Success

  • Aerospace (commercial) - intricate valve spool and actuators, test coupons
  • Aerospace (military) - fighter jet and space exploration applications
  • Bearing - tapered rollers, corrosion resistant materials (Titanium)
  • Military - firearms (Bolts, Carriers)
  • Power Generation - spindles for turbines
  • High-Tech Industries - motor shafts, air bearing spindles, race engine parts

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Swiss-type Centerless

Creativity Meets Best-in-Class Technology

Combining attributes of Swiss Screw Machining and Centerless Grinding, Swiss-Type Centerless Grinding has become a viable solution for manufacturing problems presented by small, complex parts, guidewires and difficult to machine materials. This revolutionary technology is enabling production breakthroughs on many challenging medical manufacturing applications.

Swiss-Type Centerless Success

  • Aerospace - tiny test pins
  • Injection Molding - long, thin cores
  • Medical - angioplasty wires, torsion wires, trocars

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CNC Centerless

Solutions for the Biggest Challenges

We provide solutions for "problem" parts.  In fact, many long-standing customers initially found M&S Centerless Grinding - after a project had been declined by one of our competitors. These "problem" parts are generally small and intricate, and have some feature that poses a problem for traditional grinding processes.

Our clients appreciate that we're anything but traditional.

CNC Centerless Success

  • Medical - micro-sized parts for implants, extremely thin wall hypo-tubing
  • Aerospace - intricate valve spool applications
  • Injection Molding - miniature core pins
  • Fuel Injection - fuel injector needles
  • Bearing - thin wall, tight concentricity, ball tracks
  • Other High-Tech Industries - motor shafts, air bearing spindles, race engine parts

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Ultra-Precision Centerless

Pushing tolerances beyond the limit

Holding tolerances on diameter size and cylindricity to the sub-micron level – with Ultra-Precision Centerless Grinding we work closely with engineers who require a much higher level of precision for many of their high-tech parts.  We use only new CNC grinding equipment because today’s tolerances require today’s technology.

Infeed Grinding Video

Ultra-Precision Centerless Success

  • Aerospace - spool/sleeve match fits to .000050" (1.2 micron)
  • Mass Spectrometry - quadrupoles
  • Semi-Conductor - pick & place tooling
  • Prosthetics - spool/sleeve match fits to .000050" (1.2 micron)
  • High Pressure Hydraulics - spool grinds to .00005" (1.2 micron) cylindricity

*Parts much larger than .750 x 10” can be ground, but sub-micron tolerances become much more difficult to hold as the part size grows. For parts larger than .750" x 10” please see Precision Centerless Grinding.

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Precision Centerless

Surpassing Expectations

Precision begins with our people and processes.  Combine those with great technology and talent - and you get consistent dimensional tolerances and straightness you can count on.  Let M&S Centerless Grinding surpass your expectations.

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