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Multi-Axis CNC OD/ID

Tackling the Most Demanding Applications

Sub-micron tolerances for concentricity and runout can be achieved through our ability to grind multiple part features (OD's, ID's and faces) in one chucking. Diameters can be controlled to the same tolerances with in-process gauging.

Multi-Axis CNC OD/ID Success

  • Aerospace (commercial) - intricate valve spool and actuators, test coupons
  • Aerospace (military) - fighter jet and space exploration applications
  • Bearing - tapered rollers, corrosion resistant materials (Titanium)
  • Military - firearms (Bolts, Carriers)
  • Power Generation - spindles for turbines
  • High-Tech Industries - motor shafts, air bearing spindles, race engine parts

Unique Capabilities

  • Multiple part features in one chucking
  • Diameter range: OD to 14", ID to 7"
  • Length range: OD to 40" Long, ID to 7" Deep
  • Diameter tolerances to +/-.00005" (1.2 micron)
  • Concentricity OD/OD or OD/ID to .00001" (.25 micron)
  • Runout (diameter to face) to .00002” (.5 micron)
  • OD Spherical ball radii
  • Finishes to 2 Ra (.05 micron)
  • Wide range of materials

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