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Swiss-type Centerless

Creativity Meets Best-in-Class Technology

Combining attributes of Swiss Screw Machining and Centerless Grinding, Swiss-Type Centerless Grinding has become a viable solution for manufacturing problems presented by small, complex parts, guidewires and difficult to machine materials. This revolutionary technology is enabling production breakthroughs on many challenging medical manufacturing applications.

Swiss-Type Centerless Success

  • Aerospace - tiny test pins
  • Injection Molding - long, thin cores
  • Medical - angioplasty wires, torsion wires, trocars

Unique Capabilities

  • Guidewires
  • Multi-part features in one operation – diameters, tapers, radii, flats, threads
  • Small, intricate parts dropped "complete"
  • Diameter tolerances to +/-.00005” (1.2 micron)
  • Concentricity of ground features to sub-micron tolerances
  • Diameters as small as .002” (50 micron)
  • Finishes to 4 Ra (.1 micron)
  • Grinding difficult or “un-machineable” materials; Tungsten, Titanium, Nitinol
  • Molybdenum, Exotic Alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, etc.), Fiberglass

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